54 Main Bar & Grill

54 Main

54 Main Bar & Grill has some nice beers on tap- about 24, which are half-price during happy hour. Plus, beers are served in a frozen mug! Here are the beers we ordered on the first round:

54 main

1. Defiant Muddy Creek Lager (5.6% alcohol): This American dark lager has a dark, amber color and caramel/malt aroma. It has a well balanced flavor of malt and hops. It is smooth and has a crisp, clean taste. This is a drinkable beer that gives you some flavor, but won’t fill you up.

2. River Horse Belgian Freeze (8% alcohol): I only had a few sips of this beer, but this seasonal dark Belgian ale has a dark, amber color. This is definitely a winter beer. It actually looked almost exactly the same as the Muddy Creek Lager. It is very aromatic and has scents of spices, caramel and fruits. At first, the spices dominate the flavor palate, but some sweetness from the fruit and the Belgian yeast comes out. This beer finishes with a nice, slightly bitter aftertaste.

54 main

Round 2:

3. Schofferhofer Hefeweizen (5% alcohol): I’ve never heard of this brewer until I ordered this hefeweizen (on the left), which is brewed in Germany. It tasted exactly what a hefeweizen should. It has a cloudy orange-golden color. It smells like citrus mixed with yeast. I also noticed hints of banana-almost like banana bread or a banana muffin. Light and malty flavor with a bit of hops, but sweet and citrusy at the same time.

4. Left Hand Sawtooth Ale (5.3% alcohol): This American Style ESB is strikingly similar to a Boddingtons Pub Ale. It has a copper color and took a few minutes to settle after it was poured. Not that aromatic, but smelled slightly sweet and malty. This beer has a very sweet, light flavor and tasted a bit watered-down to be honest. It has a hint of bitterness toward the end, but I think it is lacking in flavor. You don’t taste the alcohol at all in this beer, I give Left Hand kudos for that.


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