Kona Brewing Company

Fairway in Woodland Park has a huge wine selection, but the store also has a cooler section stocked with beer and an aisle of warm beers. I came across beers by a Hawaiian craft brewery named Kona Brewing Co. I’ve never had Hawaiian beer before, so I bought two six-packs and gave it a try. Kona is located in Kailua-Kona, or the Big Island. In fact, Kona is the top selling craft beer in the state!


1. Koko Brown (5.5% alcohol): This American Brown Ale is available from January – April. It is brewed with real toasted coconut. When I purchased this beer I was expecting a lighter golden-brown colored ale, but it has a dark amber color with a sweet roast malt, coconut, and vanilla aroma. I expected this brew to be on the sweeter side. I was pleasantly surprised with Koko Brown’s smooth, nutty, coconut flavor blended well with coffee and vanilla? Koko Brown has a mild malt taste that is not overly sweet. However, I would still consider this as more of a desert beer because I don’t envision these flavors going well with a burger or steak. On the other hand, you wouldn’t find me drinking this beer on the beach either.  I could only drink one of these in a sitting. Regardless, this is a unique brew that I didn’t expect to come from Hawaii.

Kona Brewing Co.

2. Pipeline Porter (5.4% alcohol): This porter is brewed with 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee. It pours a dark brownish-black coffee color with a thin tan head that dissipates quickly. It has a rich coffee aroma combined with caramel and a roasted malt sweetness. I didn’t know what to expect from this dark beer. It starts out with a roasted sweet caramel malt flavors and finishes with a light chocolate coffee flavor. Despite this beers dark color it was really smooth. Not my favorite, definitely worth trying!


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