Beer of the Week: Ayinger

I was so impressed with Gary’s Wine and Marketplace after my first visit, I had to go back and try some new brews. This time, I had a different goal for my visit. I wanted to see what individual beers I could find for under $5. I came across the some brews from Ayinger Brewery. Gary’s had a handful of beers from this brewer all for about $4. I purchased one and hoped for a decent German beer. Ayinger Brau Weisse

Ayinger Bräu Weisse (5.1% alcohol): This hefeweizen really surprised me. It had a cloudy, golden color and a small bright, white head, which dissipated quickly. Its aroma featured hints of citrus-mostly lemon- and notes of banana. Wheat aromas and flavors are on the back burner for this beer. It has the flavor of a traditional hefeweizen without the heavy, filling qualities. I tasted some herbal flavors along with the banana that was apparent in the aroma, but the sweetness is not overpowering. This beer is highly drinkable. It is light, but full of flavor. I could easily see myself drinking this on a warm summer day (or night). I’m definitely a fan. If you want the flavor of a great hefeweizen without the heaviness I would definitely recommend this brew.

P.S. Sorry about the picture quality. I thought it looked better when I took it!


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