I came across this great article on Beer Street Journal. Anyone who wasn’t living under a rock in the 1990s remembers the song “Mmmbop” by Hanson. I think it was so popular my friend’s grandmother was singing it. I haven’t heard the name Hanson in about ten years, but it looks like they’re back- with some craft beers with the same name (almost).

I think it was a great public relations move on their part. Hanson created this product in celebration of the bands 21st anniversary as well as the release of their 6th album, Anthem (read more here). In lieu of the devastating tornados in the region, a portion of the proceeds will go to victims.

According to the Beer Street Journal, Mmmhops is brewed in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma by Mustang Brewing.

Naturally, Hanson released the beer at a party for Hangover 3. I wonder if there is a cameo? The Hangover trilogy is extremely popular internationally and what better way to associate with the brand than to create an alchoholic beverage that could lead to a hellish hangover- much the like the characters experience in the films.

Maybe a new song for their product would generate some of the same success as Hanson’s 1997 hit. I can hear the melody already- maybe they can resurrect that yellow car (I think its a Volkswagen), do some awkward dance moves and produce another trippy video. I’d watch it- I mean come on, have you seen them all grown up?

Taylor Hanson-Ed-Helms-Hops

All I can say is what a great way to generate media attention for a band that no one has talked about in years. I’m really interested to see what Hanson will do once this beer is fully released. This whole thing seems like a PR stunt to me, but who knows I guess. Maybe Hanson really is passionate about beer, but I think theres more to it than that.

So I say run with this. I think Hanson should attend some beer events this summer- maybe even perform while they’re there- put out some new songs and record a new music video!

So, when can you buy Mmmhops at your local liquor store? The official release date is scheduled for June. I’d be willing to give it a try. What about you?


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