Beer of the Week: Anchor Summer Beer

After a long week at work all I wanted was an ice cold beer. I stopped at my local liquor store hoping they would have something different than the traditional light beers. I perused the beer cooler and saw some six packs from Anchor Brewing Company, a San Francisco based brewery. I have had Anchor Brewing’s Anchor Steam Beer before, but have never seen its other brews. I didn’t even make it in the house before I opened up one of these beers. I took a seat on my patio, put my feet up and took a sip. I didn’t waste any time finding a glass and drank right from the bottle-the picture below is from the next day. Sometimes a girls gotta do what a a girls gotta do.

Anchor Summer Beer

Anchor Brewing Anchor Summer Beer (4.5% alcohol): This American style wheat beer has a light, golden color. The aroma consists of mostly wheat with a bit malt undertones. This brew tastes the way it smells for the most part. I could clearly taste the wheat and malt. I was expecting the beer to have some citrus flavors based on ther other summer beers I had, but there was no citrus in this beer whatsoever- thank you Anchor Brewing! Overall, this is a light beer with some flavor. I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase this beer again, but I would drink it if it was readily available. I definitely liked it better than some of the other summer beers I’ve had, but it’s not award-winning. Basically, this beer tastes like a wheat beer got together with a summer brew. On a hot day though, this might be my go to.


2 thoughts on “Beer of the Week: Anchor Summer Beer

  1. I have one of these in my fridge. Hope to try it soon. I kind of overlooked Anchor over the years and have been exploring their range over the past 6 months. Have you tried their Porter or Liberty Ale? Well worth it!


    • No I haven’t tried these yet, but I’m always looking for new beers to try. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll look for these next time I’m at the store. Cheers!

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