Beer or Metro ticket?

Brazil is famous for its Carnival, which is an annual four-day festival that begins on the Friday before Ash Wednesday. Celebrations vary by region. Most Americans are familiar with scantily clad women dressed in colorful, extravagant costumes. Parades led by dancers in the streets of Rio de Janeiro or Sau Paulo are frequently covered by the media. Tourists from around the world flock to Brazil to experience Carnival.

Photo Courtesy of the Sacramento Bee

Photo Courtesy of the Sacramento Bee

Unfortunately, the media does not talk about some of the consequences associated with a nationwide festival and an abundance of booze. Drunk driving incidents skyrocket during this time of year according to the Ministry of Health. In attempt to reduce the number of drunk drivers, Companhia Antarctica Paulista,(this is a link to its Facebook page, they don’t have a U.S. website) a Brazilian brewery and soda manufacturer, developed an innovative new product. A beer can that doubled as a subway ticket.

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

The special beer can was designed to encourage Carnival goers to use the subway rather than drink and drive. According to PR Examples, “Fatal accidents caused by drink drivers increase by 50% at this time of year, and the stunt – as well as being great PR – reduced the number of drunk drivers caught after the event by 43%.”

I think this was a great PR move by Antarctica. It was the official beer sponsor of the Rio de Janeiro carnival. The beer company managed to make public transportation cool and helped to rectify a serious problem for Brazilian law enforcement. Consumers were intrigued by such as new concept and had to test out their metro”ticket.” Brilliant.

This campaign helped to generate media attention for Antarctica and was extremely successful in combating drinking and driving. About 1,000 people per hour went through the turnstyle in subway stations, which was an 86% increase than traditional turnstyles on the same day. Plus, all of the cans were recycled! I don’t think they could have developed a better campaign.

So, who wants to go to Carnival with me next year?

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