Beer of the week: Rhizing Bines

I read a great article by Carey Polis in the Huffington Post, “Rhizing Bines Imperial IPA: Dogfish Head, Sierra Nevada Collaborate On New Brew,” that explains how this brew came to be.

“Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada breweries have teamed up for their second beer collaboration, this time working on an Imperial IPA called Rhizing Bines. The first partnership in 2009 was a dark beer named Life & Limb. Life & Limb was brewed in Sierra Nevada’s facility in Chico, California. This time around, Dogfish Head is hosting the west coast company in its brewery in Milton, Delaware for part of the brewing process, and then sending the beer to Sierra Nevada’s new North Carolina facility.” (Click here to read the rest of the article.)

Rhizing Bines
Rhizing BinesDogfish Head Brewery (8.0% alcohol): This American Double / Imperial IPA has a orange-golden color, with a thick white head. It has a slightly hoppy aroma combined citrus- predominantly grapefruit. At first sip, I noticed  a hoppy flavor along with notes of honey. It also has a bit of sweetness at the end, which made for a smooth finish. This slight sweetness helps cover up the some hoppy flavor, making it a more drinkable IPA. If you’re not used to drinking IPA’s, this is a great brew to help you transition to this style of beer. However, if you’re an IPA lover that looks for a dominant, hoppy flavor, Rhizing Bines might not be the beer for you. Overall this beer is quite tasty, smooth and drinkable. I can see myself drinking again.

I picked up this beer at Liquor Outlet Wine Cellars in Boonton, NJ has a great selection of craft beers- don’t be confused by the name! Plan on spending at least 30 minutes here so you can look around. The Liquor Outlet an awesome variety of warm single beers, 6 and 12-packs as well as a cooler full of single craft beers and another with 6 and 12-packs. It also has a clearance section, which was fantastic! There were about 30 warm single beers ranging from $1 to $4. I purchased a variety of single beers that I was wanted to try without having to buy an entire 6-pack. Great way to try new beers for only a few dollars.


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