Blue Point Brewing Hoptical Illusion

Blue Point Hoptical Illusion

Hoptical Illusion – Blue Point Brewing (6.8% alcohol): This award winning American-style India Pale Ale (IPA) is brewed with a rare hop found exclusively on a small farm in Oregon. Burford and Cotter new they had found something special, and bought the entire crop. This Long Island IPA pours a dark, golden orange. It has a small off-white head. Hoptical Illusion lives up to its name. It has a traditional citrusy- mostly grapefruit- combined with hops aroma. This beer has a crisp, citrus and hops flavor. The hops is not overpowering like some IPA’s. I got used to the slightly bitter taste after a few sips. Overall, I liked this American style IPA. IPA’s aren’t usually my favorite style of beer, but I could definitely see myself drinking a few of these. It must be the rare hops! I think Blue Point did a great job making this beer! Definitely going to try some of its other beers next time I’m out

*Drinking tip: I had 3 of these and I was feeling pretty nice. I felt like this beer hit me faster than some of the other beers I’ve drank. Enjoy, but my advice is you drink these slow otherwise you might really be seeing an illusion!

Hoptical Illusion Awards (Category: American-Style Strong Pale Ale)

  • 2005 – Best IPA – U.S. Beer Tasting Championship
  • 2005 – Bronze – Great American Beer Award
  • 2006 – Bronze – TAP New York Festival “Best Beer” Award
  • 2007 – Silver – Australian International Beer Award

“The Blue Point Brewing Company is Long Island’s first currently-operating microbrewery. It was founded in 1998 by two long-time friends, Mark Burford and Pete Cotter. The brewery was inspired by their life-long dream and built from a rare assemblage of equipment collected from breweries around the country.” Click here to read more about the Blue Point Brewing Company.

One thought on “Blue Point Brewing Hoptical Illusion

  1. After drinking a few Hoptical Illusions I started to realize it was a good name for this beer. I have to be carefull not to drink too many of these. They are pretty strong and went down easy after the first one.

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