Beers of the Week: Kane Cloud Cover and Duvel Single

Tried these two beers on draft at Cloverleaf Tavern in West Caldwell, NJ:

Cloud Cover & Duvel Single

Kane Cloud Cover (5.4% alcohol): This Farmhouse Wheat brewed by Kane Brewing Company in New Jersey had a completely unexpected flavor profile. The beer menu listed this beer as a witbier, so I was expecting something very pale and cloudy with strong wheat flavors. This beer looked like a traditional witbier, but did not taste like one. Cloud Cover has a crisp flavor with hints of wheat, malt and a bit of citrus sweetness. The finish is extremely hoppy, but in a good way. A bit of bitterness remains, but fades quickly. Kane took it easy on the wheat, which added to the drinkability of this beer. I used to be a huge fan of witbiers, but they are filling and are generally dominated by wheat and malt flavors. This beer builds off of traditional wheat bears and takes this brew to a whole other level. As my taste for beer develops, I am leaning toward more crisp flavored beers. Cloud Cover matched exactly what I was looking for.

Duvel Single (6.8% alcohol): This Belgian Pale Ale by the Duvel Moortgat Brewery in Belgium pours a clear, golden yellow with a thick white head, which dissipated rather quickly. Duvel Single did not have a distinct aroma; however, I did pick up wheat, malt and a bit of sweetness-maybe a light hint of banana. This was a good Belgian Pale Ale with a clean and crisp flavor profile with minimal bitterness. This beer was good, but it wasn’t memorable. This beer has high drinkability on draft. It’s high alcohol content is easily hidden. I’ve had this brew in a bottle before and it is definitely better on draft. I think this beer is much milder on draft than in the bottle and definitely enjoyed it more this way.


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