5 Ways that PR is like Brewing Beer

Inside Wynkoop

I recently read this great article on PR Breakfast Club. I never compared these two industries,but the more I think about it, the more I realize how similar they really are. According to Jeff Esposito, here are the Top 5 Ways that PR is like Brewing Beer:

  1. It takes time: Most of us enjoy drinking a beer, but do you really think about how long the brewing process takes? Beer takes a few days to several weeks to complete depending on the style. The fermentation process for lagers is longer than for ales because lagers use bottom-fermenting yeast, while ales ferment in shorter periods of time and use top-fermenting yeast. Public relations professionals often spend months or even years developing campaigns before they are launched.
  2. It is more work than the average person would think: To brew a great beer, brewers need to select high-quality ingredients as well as talented brewers. The most successful public relations campaigns involve a lot of planning from developing SMART objectives and developing strategies and tactics that meet those objectives.
  3. Is best in moderation: We all know what a night of drinking too much beer can turn our like. Too much PR can be ineffective-think of the media outlet that receive thousands of emails and calls a day from public relations people pitching their stories.
  4. Little things can derail a batch much like a campaign: Equipment that is not sterilized properly, bad yeast or brewing at the wrong temperature can all negatively affect the quality of the beer. You can still drink it, but it may not be the most appetizing. A campaign can take a wrong turn in an instant. For example, a celebrity spokesperson involved in legal trouble or a company CEO not taking speaking advice from his publicist can attract negative media attention.
  5. Both lead to drinking: How can you not try the product that you just put so much time and effort in to brewing? If you’ve ever worked in public relations, you know that this statement is true!

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