Beer of the Week: Magic Hat Elder Betty


Magic Hat Elder Betty (5.5% alcohol): This weiss-style ale from Magic Hat Brewing Company, based in South Burlington, Vermont, pours a hazy, golden-orange with a small, off-white head that dissipates quickly. Although this brew is hazy, it is not quite as cloudy as traditional hefeweizens. Elder Betty has a refreshing aroma of sweet and tangy elderberries and a bit of wheat. However, it smells much sweeter than it tastes. The elderberry is noticeable at first sip, but breadiness and a bit of bitterness comes through at the end to balance out the overall flavor. Elder Betty is a good, flavorful beer, yet light and refreshing at the same time. I purchased this brew on the clearance rack of my local liquor store for $1. This is not my favorite beer, but honestly, I was a bit disappointed I didn’t buy more. Plus, I really like the graphics on the label! Recommendation – Try it!

I didn’t know really know what an elderberry was besides the fact that is was a berry, so if you want to know more, click here!


5 thoughts on “Beer of the Week: Magic Hat Elder Betty

  1. I pass up Magic Hat as I usually like higher abv beer, but your review has me interested in checking out Elder Betty. Would you recommend this as a session beer or as one-off paired with meal perhaps?

    • Definitely a session beer. Refreshing and highly drinkable; felt like I could drink these all day long. Definitely not my go-to, but Elder Betty topped off a warm summer night!

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