Beers of the Week: Nitrous Hopcide + Ragin’ Bull

Nitrous Hopcide + Ragin' Bull

Ellicottville Nitrous Hopcide (5.0% alcohol): This Nitro English IPA from Ellicottville Brewing Company in Ellicottville, NY completely made me rethink IPA’s. I am a fan of some IPA’s, but this is not my favorite style of beer. However, I would order Nitrous Hopcide in a heartbeat. The nitro tap elevated this IPA to a level that I LOVE. I see nitro taps popping up at more and more of my favorite bars, but I didn’t know the science behind them. If you want to know more about nitro taps, click here. Nitrous Hopcide pours a burnt, golden-amber orange with a small, creamy, off-white head. Flowery hops dominate the aroma, but a bit of subtle sweetness comes through toward the end. English Pale Malted Barley defines this brew’s crisp, clean flavor profile. Nitrous Hopcide has a robust hops flavor, but the nitro tap helps mellow it out a bit and creates one of the smoothest IPA’s I’ve had. I thoroughly enjoyed this brew and recommend it or any other beers poured from a nitro tap for that matter!

Bolero Snort Ragin’ Bull (5.0% alcohol): This American Amber Lager is brewed in Ridgefield Park, NJ and is one of Bolero Snort’s flagship beers. I had a great experience with the last beer I tried from this brewer, so I had to try another. It pours a clear, dark amber brown – similar to a cup of coffee – with a bright, white head that was gone by the time the server brought it to my table. Ragin’ Bull has a rather mild aroma, but I did detect some floral scents from the hops, a bit of breadiness from the malt and some spiciness. The ingredients come together nicely to create a highly drinkable beer. Unfortunately, nothing stands out. The flavor consists of toasted malts, a bit of earthiness from the hops along with a hint of caramel. This beer is neither bitter nor sweet, though; it’s just kind of plain. Overall, I would say Ragin’ Bull is a decent, well-balanced beer. I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase this brew, but if I had a six-pack, I wouldn’t hesitate drinking them all!


One thought on “Beers of the Week: Nitrous Hopcide + Ragin’ Bull

  1. Wow, I am loving these beer names. Nitrous hopcide, like nitric oxide, brings back fuzzy memories I have of trips to the dentist. I’m quite sure these nitro taps are not on the menu here in New Hampshire, but next time I am in NY I will be sure to take a bite!

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