Epic Brewing Sour Apple Saison

Sour Apple Saison

Epic Sour Apple Saison (8.1% alcohol): This beer from Epic Brewing Company in Salt Lake City, Utah pours a translucent, light yellow – almost the color of straw – with a white head that dissipates quickly. Tart apple can be picked up by the nose immediately, but I also noticed a bit of earthy spiciness, most noticeably clove? Sour Apple Saison definitely lives up to its name. This beer is brewed with Weyermann pilsner malt, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and other spices. As for flavor, the overall sourness dominates. However, I really enjoyed this brew. It was quite different than some of the other saisons I’ve had in the past as well as the sour beers I’ve tried (all on draft). Most of the sour beers I’ve tried are too sour. Epic Brewing did a fantastic job of balancing out the sourness as well as masking the high alcohol content of this beer. I would have guessed it had an ABV of 5%, but I was clearly wrong when I discovered it had more than 8% ABV. There are different batches of this beer, and some of them have 8.4% ABV, so take a look at which batch you are buying. Overall, I enjoyed this beer and would purchase it again. I found the sourness a bit overpowering after the first glass, so I would definitely recommend buying this to share! Cheers


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