Brewery Tour: Brooklyn Brewery + Top 3 Visitor Tips

BK Brewery

I’m happy to say that I finally visited the Brooklyn Brewery this weekend! On Saturday, the brewery has tours every hour beginning at 1:00 p.m. Make sure arrive about an hour early, though; there are several lines you have to get through – the line to get in, line to get beer tokens, beer line and finally the tour line. This sounds like a lot of waiting, but the staff is organized and the lines moved rather quickly.

BK Brewery 2The “brew house” is set up like a German biergarten with large wooden picnic tables and minimalistic decor. Beer tokens cost $5 a piece or you can get 5 tokens for $20.  One beer costs one token. About a dozen beers are available for purchase. Brooklyn Brewery also sells souvenirs and beer to-go.

The tour wasn’t necessarily a tour in the traditional sense. We were escorted into a large room with all of the brewing equipment. Unfortunately, we had to stay in this room because the brewery is in the process of expanding, so the other rooms were off-limits. The tour guide have us a brief history of the brewery, its founders, how it became what it is today and a brief Q&A session. We lingered in the room for about 5 minutes afterwards to get a few photos and to ask some additional questions and then were quickly ushered out.  All in all, the tour lasted about 30 minutes. BK Brewery 3

I would definitely visit Brooklyn Brewery again to hang out in the brew house, but I probably wouldn’t go on the tour again. However, if you’re a first timer, I would recommend taking the tour to learn a little bit about the beer you’re drinking and the brewery itself. Plus, I must admit, the tour guide had us all laughing!

Beer review to come soon!

Top 3 Visitor Recommendations:

  1. Bring cash there is no ATM.
  2. The brewery doesn’t serve food, but they encourage patrons to order food and bring it in. I suggest sampling pizza one of Brooklyn’s finest!
  3. If you’re looking for something to do before or after your visit to the brewery, check out Allswell for some good drinks and eats located just one block away!

2 thoughts on “Brewery Tour: Brooklyn Brewery + Top 3 Visitor Tips

    • I want to go back in the spring to try Brooklyn’s new beer line up. Have you been to any other breweries that you enjoyed visiting? I’ve been wanting to go to Dogfish Head…

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