Beer of the Week: Brooklyn Cuvée La Boîte

BK Brewery MenuBrooklyn Cuvée La Boîte (8.2% alcohol): This Belgian strong pale ale from Brooklyn Brewery – pronounced “la-bwat” – is named after a New York City spice shop. Brewed in the “Grand Cru” style, it pours a hazy golden-orange apricot color with a small white head. The spices come together to produce a highly-aromatic brew. Sweetness from honey and orange are complemented by a bit of citrus and spiciness from coriander and pepper. I was expecting Cuvée La Boîte to have a slightly overpowering full-bodied flavor because of the high alcohol content and the strong aroma; however, I was pleasantly surprised by this highly drinkable beer. The sweetness along with a subtle spiciness is evident at the beginning, but the spiciness builds up and then finishes out smooth. I have never seen this at any liquor store or bar I’ve been to, so I thoroughly enjoyed drinking this beer for the first time. I even purchased a second so I could really savor the complexities of the “Brewmasters Reserve.” Enjoy!

This brew is only available from August through November, so if you see it, TRY IT!


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