Top 10 Gifts for Beer Lovers

Holiday shopping can be stressful, especially when you have a beer snob on your list. I’ve got some great gift ideas that will make shopping a little easier this year. The Top 10 Gifts for Beer Lovers is sure to help you find the perfect gift this holiday season! Happy shopping!

I Heart Hops: Whole Leaf Hop Necklace

  1. I Heart Hops: Whole Leaf Hop Necklace ($14): This adorable homemade necklace is a great gift for any fashionable beer lover. Bonus, it’ less than $15!bohemianlagerperfume
  2. Craft Beer Glassware Set ($37): This glassware set will allow any beer enthusiast to maximize their drinking experience. The set comes with 6 glasses: strange glass, pokal glass, tulip glass, weizen glass, snifter and dimpled beer mug. I would also suggest buying a couple brews so that these glasses can be tested immediately. Cheers!
  3. Bohemian Lager Perfume ($40): This beautifully packaged perfume is made with “rich aged lager blended with nuances of creamy pumpkin, dark patchouli, oak resin and subtle spice.” Beer lover or not, this is a unique gift that will boost your present-giving abilities!
  4. Chillsner Bottled Beer Chiller ($30): Forgot to stick those beers in the fridge? Don’t worry! Instantly chill any bottled beer in seconds with this great gift.
  5. Stainless Steel Growler: This stainless steel growler is perfect for any modern beer drinker. The stainless steel is stylish, durable and scratch resistance. Plus, the wide mouth allows for easy cleaning. SS Growler
  6. Beer Caramels ($8): Does your beer lover also have a sweet tooth? Satisfy all of their taste buds with these beer caramels available in three delicious flavors: roast Stout, tasty Lager and hoppy IPA… mmm! If caramel’s not your thing, try Beertaffy or Hopdrops.
  7. Personalized Coasters ($20 – $30): Customize these coasters using a variety of designs to make beer drinking that much more special.
  8. iPhone “Bottle Opener” Case ($20): Is your beer lover always on the go? This multifunctional iPhone case will prepare them for beer drinking anywhere.
  9. Port-a-Pint ($12): Don’t have room to pack your favorite beer glass? This portable pint glass transforms from pocket to full sized in seconds. Enjoy your favorite beer with class anywhere.PINT-1744
  10. Beer Themed T-Shirt ($22): Outsmart any beer geek by glancing at the Beriodic Table of Elements on one of my favorite beer themed shirts. Available for in both men’s and women’s sizes.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Gifts for Beer Lovers

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  2. I love the craft beer glassware idea! Also another great idea would be personalized beer mugs. To me, this gift is unique and special, making it a perfect gift for anyone. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Caryl Anne,

      Thanks for your comment. I totally agree! Getting glasses is fantastic, but knowing that a bit of extra thought went in to personalize the gift makes it that much more special. Cheers!

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