Beer of the Week: 6-Geese-A-Laying

The Bruery - 6 Geese A LayingThe Bruery 6-Geese-A-Laying (11.5% alcohol): This Belgian Strong Dark Ale from The Bruery based in Placentia, California is the sixth installment of the brewery’s 12 Days of Christmas series. It pours a slightly hazy dark amber brown with a minimal off-white head that disappears quickly. Dark fruits including cranberries, cherries, apples, plums and gooseberries are picked up by the nose and create a sweet yet slightly tart aroma. The sweetness and sourness from the gooseberries carries over to the flavor which also has notes of malt and alcohol, which is expected from the high ABV. Not my favorite winter beer, but the tartness of the gooseberries improved the overall drinking experience of 6-Geese-A-Laying for me. Not a bad beer, but I would not purchase again for the price — it cost me about $15.

10 thoughts on “Beer of the Week: 6-Geese-A-Laying

      • Craftbeerandrunning: Hmm…that is an interesting thought. I’m thinking the sourness would become stronger, but hey that’s what I liked about it! Are there any beers that you’ve aged that tasted better after the process?

      • You’d be surprised. Sometimes the sourness can mellow out a little bit. My favorite thing to do is to buy the Trader Joe’s Ales that come out around Christmas. I still have a few bottles from 2011 and 2012. For $6 a piece it is interesting to buy a few of these and compare them year to year. They do end up mellowing out after time which is good!

      • Hmmm… May have to try this with a few beers this year! Do u think it works better with certain styles? Unfortunately, the Trader Joes in my area can’t sell alcohol 😦

      • Make sure to do it with more dark ales, high abv ales and stouts. How are the alcohol laws in NJ? In Ma there are only 3 stores out of 20 that have beer and wine permits with Trader Joe’s.

    • I saw that Gary’s Wine and Marketplace is selling this beer for $12.99. If you have one in your area you can order online and pick up in store or just stop at the store. Good luck!

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  2. I actually got to try 6-Geese-a-laying in Boston at Stoddard’s a few days ago. I thought it was really good but it is a beer that over time aging will make a lot better over time. I bet this in 3 years will be awesome!

  3. @craftbeerandrunning: Apparently some Trader Joe’s in NJ do sell alcohol, but they need to have a liquor license. My understanding is that NJ has a certain number of liquor licenses and doesn’t issue any new ones. You can only buy/sell existing ones. Bummer! It seems like a lo of stores just don’t want to deal with the hassle so they don’t bother. Also, the store has to be able to close that section of the store after a certain time.

    As for aging, what do you guys think is the best way to age a beer?

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