Top 10 Ultimate Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are essential to beer lovers. However, it always seems like you can never find one when you need one. These practical yet stylish bottle openers give you the functionality while making your friends slightly jealous ;).

Here are my Top 10 Bottle Openers:

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Photo Courtesy of

  1. Recycled Bike Chain Bottle Opener: This eco-friendly bottle opener made from recycled bike chains is only 10 dollars.

    Photo Courtesy of

    Photo Courtesy of

  2. Ooh La La Bottle Opener Bracelet: This stylish bracelet looks more like a fashion statement than a bottle opener and that’s what I love about it. I would wear this bracelet all the time; its only a bonus that it’s a bottle opener as well. Plus, its available in more than a dozen colors!
  3. Bottle Opener Rings: This handmade stainless steel ring available for both men and women is virtually indestructible.
  4. Bottle Opener Key Chain Hand: This bottle opener is already cool, but you can even personalize it to fit your personality.

    Photo Courtesy of

    Photo Courtesy of

  5. Fish Bottle Opener Necklace: All I can say is love, love, LOVE! This design of this piece is modern, yet the bronze-infused stainless steel gives this necklace an antique look that I just can’t get enough of.
  6. 686 Original Snow (Tool)Belt: By merely wearing this multipurpose belt, you’ll be prepared for anything.
  7. Iron Guitar Bottle Opener: The opener appeals to the musician in you.
  8. Hawthorne Antique Key Bottle Opener: “The Hawthorne will be the key to unlocking many [craft] beers.”

    Photo Courtesy of

    Photo Courtesy of

  9. Bullet Bottle Opener: Made from a 50 caliber Browning Machine Gun (BMG) bullet, this opener will have your friends running– to get their hands on one! Small and lightweight, this opener is perfect when you’re on-the-go.
  10. Brass Knuckles Bottle Opener Necklace: This bad@$$ bottle opener is available in a choker version for women and a longer version for men.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Ultimate Bottle Openers

  1. Best bottle opener I have ever owned is one forged from an old railroad spike. It pops the caps off as opposed to bending them. Each one was unique. I found them in a little bar in Huntingdon, PA.

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