Beer of the Week: Kuka Belgian Golden Ale

kukaKuka Belgian Golden Ale (9.2% ABV): This Belgian Strong Ale brewed by Andean Brewing Company in Blauvelt, New York pours clear, golden amber with a small, one-finger, white head. The unique ingredients – maca root and blue agave – encouraged me to try this brew. The aroma is mostly sweet malt, yeast, underlying peppery spiciness and overly ripe produce. Kuka Belgian Golden Ale has a fermented quality to it that, in my opinion, overpowers the overall flavor. There is a hop presence mixed with smokiness and fermented vegetable/fruit flavor. Some of the other reviews I read claimed this beer was sweet, but the bottle that I had no sign of sweetness whatsoever. I’m starting to question whether or not the bottle I had was expired. Overall, this was a bad drinking experience and not something I would want to drink again. I’m glad I didn’t have to buy a six-pack of this!


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