My Top 5 BYOB Restaurants in Northern NJ

I love to eat as much as I like to drink, but many of my favorite restaurants don’t have the beer selection that I am looking for. There are tons of BYOB restaurants all over New Jersey. The problem is, how do you know you are choosing the right one? Also, I’m all about eating a wide-range of food, so I’ve provided you my favorties with food inspired from all over the world and put together this list for you. Enjoy!

Top 5 BYOB Restaurants in Northern NJ:

  1. Cuban Pete’s (Montclair):
    Great atmosphere and great food – What more can you ask for? I LOVE this place!
    Food Type: Cuban
    Favorite Dish: Churrasco el Gaucho: Grilled skirt steak with chimichurri sauce chipotle.
    They also offer a variety of tapas for around $4 so you can sample a few things on the menu if you’re not that hungry.
    Tip: You know I love my beer, but Cuban Pete’s offers a variety of punches (about a dozen or so). I would suggest bringing some wine or vodka that the servers can mix in for some AMAZING sangria.
  2. Zen Japanese Cuisine (Livingston):
    Relaxed atmosphere and unexpectedly nice décor – dark wooden booths along with recessed lighting- definitely a nice place to bring your date! They also have a sushi bar if you’re on the go.
    Food Type: Japanese
    Favorite Dish: M.I.3: From the specialty menu, this tempura sushi roll with jalapeños is FANTASTIC! It’s got flavor, but it’s not overly spicy.
    Tip: There is a large liquor store with a large beer and wine selection right next door. Get your drinks and food all in one shopping center!Mama Mia
  3. Mama Mia (Morris Plains):
    This recently-opened restaurant has some truly amazing Italian food. The chef has been in the industry for more than 40 years and it shows! The service is great and I always feel welcome when I come here.
    Food Type: Italian
    Favorite Dish: Rigatoni (or any pasta) with Vodka Sauce: The sauce makes the dish! It is the perfect blend of cream and filetto (red sauce) with hints of garlic and basil. You will thank me once you try this!
    TIP: If you want something quick, try the Cheesesteak sandwich. Mama Mia’s uses rib eye to elevate this classic Philly sandwich to a whole other level.
  4. Saigon Pho (Parsippany):
    Authentic, reasonably-priced Vietnamese that comes in large portions – I usually spend about $25 for two entrees and an appetizer.
    Food Type: Vietnamese
    Favorite Dish: Rare Beef and Flank Steak Pho (P4): The meat cooks instantly in the boiling hot broth. I love this dish because I can spice it up to my taste with homemade hot sauce, soy sauce and fish sauce. They also have Sriracha if you prefer that instead.
    Tip: There is a Bottle King across the street as well as a ShopRite that carries beer/wine/liquor in the same complex.
  5. Bosphorous (Lake Hiawatha):
    This small, but intimate restaurant has some of the best lamb I’ve had in the area. It literally melts in your mouth and is not gamey at all!
    Food Type: Turkish
    Favorite Dish: Yogurt Kabab Gyro: broiled lamb over fried bread pieces in a garlic yogurt sauce (that will have you licking the plate clean if you can finish it!)
    Tip: The restaurant is a bit small, so if you’re going during prime dining hours and have more than four people, I would recommend making a reservation.

3 thoughts on “My Top 5 BYOB Restaurants in Northern NJ

    • When you love craft beer as much as I do, you have to go exploring to find the best spots. If you get a chance, try to check out some of the other BYOBs. Your taste buds will be grateful!

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